Welcome to Twist Serve TCG

Twist Serve is a Prince of Tennis centered online trading card game. In an online TCG, you collect virtual cards, play games to earn more cards, and trade with other players to complete your decks. Decks at Twist Serve range from character decks with anime or manga art all the way to decks of our favorite Tenimyu actors. If you're a Prince of Tennis fan, you'll have lots to collect here!

This TCG is half website based, half livejournal based. You have to have an LJ account to play the games and interact with other members, but you do not have to host your cards on LJ. You may join with a website if you wish. Updates will be made via livejournal, so that's the place to follow! Things usually handled through forms or forums in other TCGs (like leveling up or mastering) are handeled through Livejournal in this TCG. Here is the livejournal community you should follow for updates.

How to Earn Cards

Here are some ways to earn cards~. The amount of cards given will change from time to time depending on circulation.

Games (various prizes)
Refer a new member (2 random cards)
Game Set (Mastering a Deck - 2 random cards, 1 uniform, 1 choice card)
Match Set (Leveling up - various. Check the Match Set post!)
Old Rackets (Claim leftover cards here)
Donate images for a deck (1 random card + 1 random item)
Donate graphics (1 random card for 4 link banners, 2 random for level banners)
Staff Pay (become a mod, earn weekly pay!)